How aware are you of the beauty that surrounds you?

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As I walked over to the window this morning to check the outside word, I looked down on the window will and noticed the beautiful blossoms on the African Violets have come forth showing me the how beautiful everything can be around me.


I am aware of the beauty in my life and how it affects me in the moment.

Good Morning

What beauty do you see today?

peace, love, ight and blessings

“White Eagle”



How much tension surrounds you tonight?

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As a morning filled with  tension and stress faded away there was lots of room for positives to come into my day. 

I got a lot of things done, relationships restored, dealt with negativity in a positive manner and the day continue to improve and become more and more positive to now be a happy, clear and positive night.


I will sleep well.

Good night

How positive was your day?

Peace,love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”