What stops you from believing in yourself?

This image is reversed for so many women. Where did we wrong in society, when did we allow people’s thoughts or words to change our own self-image? I speak with the most amazing, beautiful women daily who have no self-confidence left, they are shattered emotionally. If you can’t add value to her life then please admire her from afar. Stop interrupting her greatness

I believe in YOU!

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What will you do to be kind to yourself today?

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  This morning when I woke up I was having lots of negative thoughts about myself, things that I should have done and didn’t do, things I can do and can’t do and the list continued to spiral out of control.  I seemed to be having real difficulty shaking these negative thoughts.

As I was attempting to shake this negativity Gary came in and gave me  a quote, “We are what we believe ourselves to be”. 

Immediately my beliefs changed and my day changed.


I am consciously aware that “I believe what I believe myself to be.”

Good Morning

What do you believe yourself to be?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”