What are you creating in your truth?

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Create your awesomeness, be in your truth …
Love who you are , shine your light for others to see or not .
Embrace this moment with respect honour , love for all little children , animals …

Help the elders … Giving love and care … And know that you can only change yourself … One day at a time … Blessings all

Shared by “Willow”


How brightly is your light shining today?



“Only by its own roots does a tree stand tall and only by its own light does the sun shine brightly and bring life to our world. So it is with you – only when you’re trusting, loving and rooted in your true Self will the life that is your highest potential begin to manifest. Only when you are walking on the path of your highest potential will you ever be able to shine brightly and bring light to the darkness in others.”

– Anon-

Shared by “Nancy”