What will make you smile today?

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Wow, I woke up early today and I was grouchy!  

It seems the energy has shifted once again, and it is easier to stay negative……so I have been imagining things that I could do to keep me smiling including brushing my cats teeth to help with his bad breath…..LOL


I will be consciously aware of the negativity that is around me and shift my thinking and actions to include all of the positive things that exist in my life!

Good Morning

What positive things exist around you today?

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

Who did you offer a smile to today?

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K’anchaq sonqo – Heart of light

I offer you a smile . A smile is so wonderful . It expresses your inner feeling of joy , of being well , of kindness . Can we stay with our smile this weekend ( and always ) , giving it as a gift to ourselves and the world ? Just smiling and saying thank you , thank you , thank you and feel what this does .
Deep munay to all .

Shared by “Kalika”