How easy is it to meet yourself in your life?


“We are only ever trying
to meet The One.
Which means,
meeting ourselves.
Every conflict in relationship
between family, friends or lovers
is an invitation:
To feel our feelings more completely.
To connect with ourselves more deeply.
To get clearer about our path.
To breathe.
To find our voice. To speak our truth.
To know who we are.
To discover:
What we want
and do not want.
What is okay
and what is not okay.
(And it’s okay
to be
‘not okay’,
Through the storm of conflict,
we are invited to clarity
and to the truth of our humanness.”

~ Jeff Foster~

Shared by “Kari”

How often do you question your path?

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The Cosmic Dancer

There are times when we question our path. Are we following the right dream? Can we see clear to the destination?
Every journey we choose can lead us through a different set of experiences and lessons. The truth is that every path chosen will teach us what we need in that moment. The destination is always the same, it is the center of our own truth.

~ Robbie Warren Otter Woman Standing~

[Photo: Sulaiman Almawash]