Not long ago I was asked the following, in my opinion very interesting and important question, too of which a lot of people don’t have an explanation due to the lack of some important background information.

Question: “To me it seems that I have to face  more and more overwhelming scenarios, in the last while.  This makes me feel depressed and at times even hopeless. Do other people have a similar aggravated situation in the last little while or is it just me???”

Answer: (My observations, which are based on my own experience but as well are feedback and observations giving to me by my clients and friends )

The changes and shifting which seem to be getting stronger, more dense, even “faster” then ever before, being felt by most of the people out there in one or another way, are especially noticeable for many latest since this year. This shift of “the quality of time” was for many even more profoundly noticeable, since the equinox and solstice in September and even more again since the 10.10.2010.

It seems that how we experience the changes in our life and as well the shifts on different levels, goes hand in hand with our own focus, our own awareness about us, our life, but especially in which way and how much, and/or how “often” we are connected with that who we truly are, “source energy”, “creator”, God or whatever we choose to call that where we came from, go to, and what connect us all.

The observation in my own life and as mentioned above, the feedback I get from my friends and clients seem to be very similar. Those who are in a state of a raised level of awareness about life especially their own and/or are connected or focused on the connection to “source”, seem to experience this shift and changes more as something “uplifting”, it feels supportive, more connected, “blissful” more in touch with Love & Light and/or unconditional Love. These qualities are most likely not even covering all of the experiences made, by those who trying to stay in the “field”, trying to be connected.

On the other hand it seems that there are a lot of people, who even more than (ever) before in their life, feel challenged, struggle, feel overwhelmed by those, as it seems accumulated changes and shifts, feeling anxiety, depression, fear and even hopelessness.

Looking closer at the circumstances or where the origin of these emotions is based, it appears as if all those emotions are just a kind of support, pointers, to help those people troubled by those emotions, to have a closer look at whatever is in their life, which they are asked to focus their intention on and start the healing.

The wonderful “thing” about this is, that as soon someone steps out of the victim role of the circumstances they believe are responsible for what make them feel so bad, the overcoming of this undesired emotion, the healing, the growth, overcoming of old patterns etc. and the increase of well being, seems also subject to this “quality of time” we experience right now. Meaning, the process to shift and find our way back to who we truly are, with all “the good feeling stuff” :-)…, can happen way faster than ever before.

Yes this process might be experienced as quite condensed and almost overwhelming in its power. As far as I can see, we on the other hand never in human history had the chance to grow and develop that fast, being rewarded with a way more fulfilling, joyful life in harmony with us and therefore “all there is”.

Many blessings to all of you on your path

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