My Awakening Journal: "Our Perceptions"


Our Perceptions

Everything you perceive creates what you believe;

everything you believe creates what you receive;

everything you receive creates what you experience in this moment!

This moment continues on to be all that is you in this lifetime.

When you change your perception, your beliefs change,

by changing your beliefs, your choices change and your experiences change to create another precious moment in your life!


An affirmation for me on my journey:

I am free to be me, because my perception of me is real, I believe in me, and I am free to experience me every moment of my life just being me!

I receive all of the lessons I provide for myself through my perceptions, beliefs and experience!

If I wish to change my experience I only need to change my perception, which in turn will change my belief, which in turn will change what I wish to receive, which in turn will change my experience in life.

I create it all!

I am me, free and O.K.


Please comment with your affirmation.

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