Delicate Warrior

With mighty courage and determination you define survival.

With purpose unknown to many who oversee your existence; so carefree you blossom under the harshest conditions.

Pressing your way in the unusual circumstances, proving the weight you carry in your fragile form; displaying the purest of beauty where it once was forgotten.

With mighty grace your message cannot be clearer through the thickest barriers; your survival cannot go unnoticed.

Beneath our worn feet, the horizontal floor of cement; your delicate existence will continue on.

You are symbol of true being, fighting to prove nothing more than the struggle to survive in such natural conditions with unnatural laws of pride and rules.

Your life is a symbol of injustice to true spirit and natural laws.

We are a part of you, as you are to us.


Yet, we call it progression, through dominance, I suppose.


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  1. That’s great Silver! Thanks for the addition šŸ™‚ It was once brought to my attention what a strong warrior nature can be, the example given then was a flower that pushed its way through the crack of concrete in the downtown area.
    A woman I worked with at a women’s shelter, she used to plant beautiful flowers in the cracks of the sidewalk around the shelter. They withheld a great deal those little buds.
    I saw that picture on your postings and was thrilled when Whitebird made the connection.
    Thanks so much šŸ™‚

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