Moments Lost

There is a journey in which we have developed a path of discomfort.  The walk between our head and our heart, but wait!  Is that another road that has gone untouched?

“Hmmm…how curious,” my heart says.  “How ridiculous,” you think, “this is the path we MUST walk; this is what the brochure says.”

It’s time to trek forward.  So many directions, which way is forward? How come the brochure doesn’t outline it more clearly?

Your head speaks and my heart pleads.  My head speaks words of chaos and you have a strange ability to soothe it, but your heart is masked from the sorting.  And I’m just confused.  “Wait, there’s something calling us from another direction…ah, maybe another time.  We must move forward.”  But which way is forward? Your North or my South?

When your words become assigned, like a meeting in progress, my emotions are hoping this meeting is going forward without attendance.

Another moment lost.

The East calls.  It’s signaling us.  Maybe it’s the East that you escaped so you can get wrapped up in the North.  Hmmm….The compass is not the point here.  It’s the moments we are missing.  You’ve questioned the journey of the East, but again, the explanation misses the mark. “It’s too confusing, let’s forget it.” Did you say that, or did I?

Oh oh…It’s just another moment lost.

We are taking this walk together, back and forth from the head to the heart.  Back and forth, but rarely walking together, unless of course, I leave my baggage along the way, or you overload yourself with both of ours. With the lightened load, I can take this journey unenlightened but free to move in your direction.  “Wait! I forgot what we’re walking towards and my senses are no longer working!”  Is this a moment of blindness? Or did I not read the brochure correctly?  Maybe the sign to the East will be in Braille, so I can read about the mystery location.  You tell me there is no sign, so it must mean it’s not meant to be walked down.  “It’s time to move on.” Whose head is speaking?! It’s so confusing.  My load has been lightened but you are struggling with the excess.

Ack! So much thought, and another moment lost.

Your head is expanding with thought.  “Where do we go next and what do we need to get there?”  A moment of rest we will share.  Okay, back on the road again.  “Wait, you’re heading North, I want to go South – but that direction to the East that we keep avoiding is becoming a mystery.”  Your head says the road is unknown and may not be safe.  “There could be a grizzly hiding around its corner, let’s keep going North.”  My emotions are uncertain as well, “I’m convinced we will get eaten if we head East,” oh wait, maybe that’s my head talking.  I’m so confused.

Okay, another moment lost.

I can’t figure out the moments anymore, maybe they too were left along the way to lighten the load.

It’s time to rest.  Maybe we can dream of that area of discomfort that calls to us.  But when we wake will your head confuse my heart as we recollect our night memories? And will my heart jumble the clarity you found from your sleep conscious? Where will we find the true answers? Maybe it’s time to explore.  Maybe this head and heart journey is boggling us and we need to step away.  “Step away from the path!?” Now who’s going to own that explanation? That’s just crazy talk.

At some time we’ll need to reclaim those moments we lost.

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