Back Into One: by Kari Bomstad

No one can say for sure, why we enter and exit this Earth as we do.

But I do know, it is not an end, we do continue.

To protect and assist all those we have loved, each soul we have ever moved.

With our smiles, our laughter, all the ways in which we lived our lives.

Even the ways we said goodbye,

Means much more than most realise.

Moments lived, made more wise.

By every one of us here and gone.

We must not linger on, in the sadness of death.

For somewhere beyond our world, you have taken your first breath.

Of the Heavenly unknown, in which we hope you are shown

Love at its best,

Now friends please lay your head and rest, and remember the good times.

Because although we are sad,

We will celebrate essence,

In our hearts we will find you.


We all lose people in our lives that are important to us. This poem is about life on earth once once our friends have left us, and knowing they are still with us in spirit.

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  1. Hey there!
    I like that poem very much. Reminds me on what someone said to me: “Religion is our way to handle death.” But although there’s an ‘Amen.’ under this text you showed me – a not-believing guy – that there are so many different ways to handle such a topic. You can see my favourite one above this comment: creative writing.

    Thank you for these lines!

    PS: I’ve got some poems on my blog, too. Some in english, some in german. Feel invited to read them (category: ‘Gedichte’).


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