Procrastinating Son

My voice goes unheard, rhaspy and strained against the cold night not unlike the souls of those oppressed; slowly ebbing away to oblivion. Like a quantity of dust left to the whim of the wind tossed this way and that, my voice goes unheard.

As tears fall like the bricks in my wall, you realize I am Human and the Human condition is not pretty, not everyone is happy and to believe so is laughable. An exercise in ignorance, which ironically, makes me smile.


I think the lonely world that I live in was perhaps self imposed at the beginning but has now become the invisible prison that I can never escape. When all we yearn for is a single soul to understand our own, the greatest pain is realizing it will never be. There is no one around me that I can feel that connected to, or share my heart with and in the absence of that emotional warmth, I only have the cold expanse of the Internet to document my human condition. ~~Anonymous

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    • Dear Sarah,

      Auracatures take many forms and are used for many purposes.
      The Auracature in this case is the image that developed as the message was written.
      Auracatures like these may not have significance related to meaning but rather another way to communicate to the spirit.

      I can understand that you may not see or feel your passed son.
      The entire experience of your son dieing can make a parent desensitized to spirit movement and spirt communication.

      I believe that from the message that passed through me, Rhys is trying to say to you that you need not die to be with him because he is with you alive and that is the state that he wants you to have.

      You may ask, “How can I live now?”
      The answer is different for different people but one thing that is common with surviving parents is to acknowledge that their babies are nearby.

      Here are a few things that can help with your communication with Rhys:
      1/ Just take a chance and talk to him, even if you cannot see him, feel him or hear him at this time.
      2/ Place a memory stone or small monument/tree etc in your yard or close to you with a message and Rhys’ name on it. You can then go and visit him at any time.
      3/ Plant a memory garden for Rhys and place it in your kitchen (or some other place you spend much of your time in). Write a small note and plant it with the plants. As you water and nurture the plants, so too will you do the same with your boy’s spirit and his memories.

      These things settle the spirit of the passed person and lift up the spirit of the surviving loved one.
      Sarah, if you can, give these things a try.

      Another thing, I cannot know how you feel. I have not had a child pass after being born. However, I have had my father killed, my brother killed (at 20), and 2 children die in their moms. I have also grown up with a mother who lost her son too. In time, you too will be able to live.

      One thing I hope that you will know is, this guy is praying for you and your family.


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