The Walk of the Ancestors


The roots are sharing again

The drums are captivating the space

The whispers can be heard all through

It is not our ears that will be listening

Your story is waiting within the branches

Will it withstand the gusts of wind?

Or snap with forced movement?

The roots are singing again

The dancers have embedded their movements

Assertively, with grace

It is not our body that will be swaying

You are open for all to see

Do you welcome the observers?

Or hide within the leaves?

The roots are crying again

The animals have joined to celebrate

The cleansing has begun

It is not our hands that will wipe away the remnants

A new season has turned

Will you grow a little more?

Or overwhelm with the harsh change?

The roots are in ceremony again

The smoke is in the clearing

Stillness calls for all

It is not our mind that will trick us here

Your story is retold

How much will you recognize?

Or shelter will you seek?

The roots are birthing again

The Earth is scattering seeds

New blossoms share your nutrients

It is not our food that is providing strength

It is your time to hold the story

Don’t worry if you forget the words

They have been kept safely for you.

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