This is the eulogy I wrote for my foster son Mischick, who passed away on December 2, 2001. He was 10 months old.

On May 4th,2001, I met and fell in love with Mischick. He became my son. He was three months old. By the end of that day my husband and the rest of our children had also fallen in love with him. He was a beautiful and very special child. His father told me that me that his name , Mischick, meant Little Branch in Cree.. I didn’t realize then how appropriate that name was for him or what an unbelievable journey he would take us on. I believe I understand it now.
For many years, I’ve believed that each one of us is put on this Earth for a reason, some to learn, some to teach…Mischick was here to teach and he did.
Mischick didn’t have a very long life, today as we say goodbye, he would have been ten months old. He struggled, suffered and fought for each day he had. He overcame so many obsticles with dignity, courage and the strongest spirit I’ve ever met. He was also the happiest baby I’ve ever met. Right till the end, no matter how bad it got, still he fought, didn’t surrender and did it all with a smile on his little face and a twinkle in his big brown eyes. His was a gentle soul.
He made us laugh many times a day by lifting his eyebrows and sticking out his tongue. He loved to cuddle and be right in the middle of the action. He radiated love.
Mischick taught us many lessons…..
– not to give up
– to be patient
– to smile and give joy
– to live each day with joy
– to be thankful for all we have
– to accept what can’t be changed
– to right the wrongs we can
– how sometimes, you must love someone enough to let
them go.
You may be wondering what I meant when I said his name was perfect for him……..
The first time my mother met Mischick, she said he was too small to be called Little Branch, so she called him Tiny Twig. Well, it didn’t take very long for the Twig to become the Branch and although Mischick’s body may never grow to be a mighty tree, his Spirit already has.
A Mighty Tree with a trunk made strong by Mischick’s spirit, courage and loving heart.
Boughs of two different cultures who came together with respect, trust and to learn from each other.
Branches made up of grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters.
Many leaves of relatives, friends, band members, medical personel, and anyonewho ever met him.
And Roots, sunk deep in Mother Earth, made of two families, joined in loving, caring for and doing what was best for one small boy.
Today, we must give Mischick back to Creator, but we do so knowing that the Tree he became will continue to grow and join us all for many years to come.

Mischick, we miss you, we honor you, we love you. You will live in our hearts forever.

Mommy, Raven Wing

MISCHICK Feb.5/01 — Dec.2/01


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