My heart was empty. What had I done? They said it would be for the good, that my children would learn the white man’s ways in that school. That they would be better able to live in the world as it is now. I believed these words, but now the emptiness in our home tells me that maybe they lied.

My husband sits, a man broken in spirit. His mind and his heart shaken loose by the knowing that our life will never be the same. The quiet is so loud. We look at each other in pain as we face the shame of having let this happen.

Who will remember the ways of the People?

Who will honor our Mother Earth?

Who will tell the stories of our Ancestors?

Who will gather the Medicine or thank Creator for all that we have?

The children return for holidays, but they speak a different language.

What will happen to ours?

Is it all to be forgotten?

Their eyes are haunted, what damage is being done to their souls?

Creator says there will come a time when the Spirit of the People will return. That the traditions and ways will be remembred and brought back to life.

The Time is NOW. The Spirit is in You. Honor it.


“Raven Wing”

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