I’d watch from afar & felt confused.
Why can’t I be there, taking part?
I knew I belonged, I felt the Ancestors long ago.
I loved watching the children, in their costumes so bright
The dancing they would do, was an amazing sight!
The drums, the drums, Oh how my heart would skip a beat,
as the pounding noise was awakening my soul, it felt so neat!
The Elders I have wished to meet,
Oh teach, Oh teach me, wise ones
I will sit quiet and wait!
I’m an empty vessel, oh please fill me till I weep
for the gifts, I will hold so dear to my heart
to have the knowledge, then I will feel I can do my part.
Now I know I’m where I need to be, for I hear Spirit speak,
“Red Feather you are one of us, you were all along!”

“Red Feather”

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