A Dream and a Feather

(This is in response to The Spirit of Sarah)

I remember this passing and how it affected my daughter at the time as we too grew up in the same community with the same type of background.

I lost my son on September 7, 2010. It was a surprising and tragic death as he was the young age of 20. I thought after all the years of parenting as a single-parent, that we had finally reached the point where my son was a young man and the worry would end. I no longer had to imagine what he might look like as a young man ~ the proof was in front of my eyes. He was 6’2″, filling out to be a handsome young man with sparkling blue eyes. He had a zest for life and a generosity of spirit unmatched by any other person in our acquaintance. He was loyal and open-minded and there are stories of him literally giving the clothes off his back to street people in need.

My son’s death was a shock and in the days leading up to his Celebration of Life, I was in shock, numb and in incredible pain. I didn’t dream until the morning of his service. The dream was vivid. To go back in time…2 years previous my son and I had gone to his first funeral. It was a service in the memory of a young man, older than my son, who had grown up on our rural road and who had passed in his mid-twenties, also tragically. Flash forward to my dream….I dreamed that the mother of the other young man and myself were standing at the end of her driveway on our road. We were standing side by side and looked up to hear geese. There were only two. They were Canadian Geese, flying side-by-side and I instinctively knew they were Brett and my son Rhys. I have not dreamed in the 6 weeks since, but I was troubled by this dream and looked online for some significance. What I found said that the geese represented “safe journey and love of family”. I feel that both of us mothers were being told that the boys were together, they were safe and they loved us.

Well I had to tell my friend about the dream about our sons. She went out that day to her vehicle and found one feather on the windshield of her car. I also told my son’s girlfriend (who he planned to marry) and she went home that day to find a single feather on her pillow.

I don’t know where my son is, but I feel strongly that he sent me a message that day. Because I miss him so much I am greedy and want more, but I have to have faith that he is around us, safe and wanting us to know he loves us and is safe.

I struggle with my head and my heart. My heart tells me he is around us; my head tries to find a logical explanation for the dreams and the signs. I also struggle with knowing my son is safe and his light, his energy and his soul are where they need to be ~ somewhere were we may again be togehter. I think of Rhys every second of every day, every breath and only wish to find peace with the purpose of his life and his passing. I hope with time I may be blessed with that knowledge.

Sara B.

Dear Sara B.

I found a single feather sitting on my floor by my entrance door.

When I saw that you had written this reply, I knew why it had been left for me.

Please forgive an misinterpretations this channeling may contain.

Sara, you asked for the knowledge of your dear som Rhys…  Here it is.

This is my gift to you.  May you find healing in your own time.


I am here.

I am here.

Standing by the wash/night stand.

I am even taller now.

You may not know me to see me but it is me.

Do you feel me tug on your sheets at night?

Do you feel me play with your hair?

Momma, Iam where I need to be –

Beside your right side.

Can you feel my arm across your back?

Can you feel my left hand upon your shoulder?

You always loved my smile.

Momma, I am smiling now!
No more pain and a future to gain.

Momma, please sing to me before bed time.

Things are OK.

We are together now.

But Momma, where is my blue shirt?

I cannot find it anywhere.

I love you Momma.

I love you.

Let me wipe away your tears. R”

I present to you the Auracature drawn duing the writing of this message.





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  1. Rhys only ever called me ‘Momma’ less than a handful of times ~ always when he was trying to express emotions of love to me. I found his blue shirt….it was packed with his others as I had washed it and put it away. It still smells of him and he looked so handsome when he wore it. Taya, his girlfriend had bought it for him for Christmas. I do not feel him around me, but I hope that if I stay open, that I will. We had shown him the home that we were moving to about 5 days before he passed on, so I feel that he knows where I am. My tears fall freely, my throat is tight. I wonder why my heart didnt’ stop beating, why I didn’t stop breathing when the patrol car pulled up. I saw the officer get out of his car and I KNEW. I fell to the ground and to this moment, I can remember the chill that entered my body. I’ve SEEN things before, been places before that I’ve never seen, I’ve heard conversations and met people in my dreams. I hope to be able to channel to my son how very much I love him and I look forward to the times we will meet again.

  2. Hi Sarah, I know for sure that you will be able to communicate to Rhys, and please do not forget my friend that he knows how much you love him and you are meeting him and communicating everyday in spirit! Sterling (Silver) is an amazing, caring, and gifted human being! He sure knew about the blue shirt???? Watch for the signs he pointed out to you! Rhys is with you in spirit and always will be in his own special ways! (He sure knew how to find me, the blog and Sterling)! You my friend have much left to do here on earth and You will do it all with him cheering you on from another realm! Go through the grief knowing that he supports you, loves you and holds you up throughout it all! Peace, love, light and blessings Sarah! “Whitebird”

  3. Sarah go to Sterlings Web Site and he explains auracatures and how they came about. Amazing human being and Rhys is an amazing Spirit! Luv u

    Whitebird & Speaks With Wings says:
    October 24, 2010 at 4:21 am (Edit)
    Dear Sarah,

    Auracatures take many forms and are used for many purposes.
    The Auracature in this case is the image that developed as the message was written.
    Auracatures like these may not have significance related to meaning but rather another way to communicate to the spirit.

    I can understand that you may not see or feel your passed son.
    The entire experience of your son dieing can make a parent desensitized to spirit movement and spirt communication.

    I believe that from the message that passed through me, Rhys is trying to say to you that you need not die to be with him because he is with you alive and that is the state that he wants you to have.

    You may ask, “How can I live now?”
    The answer is different for different people but one thing that is common with surviving parents is to acknowledge that their babies are nearby.

    Here are a few things that can help with your communication with Rhys:
    1/ Just take a chance and talk to him, even if you cannot see him, feel him or hear him at this time.
    2/ Place a memory stone or small monument/tree etc in your yard or close to you with a message and Rhys’ name on it. You can then go and visit him at any time.
    3/ Plant a memory garden for Rhys and place it in your kitchen (or some other place you spend much of your time in). Write a small note and plant it with the plants. As you water and nurture the plants, so too will you do the same with your boy’s spirit and his memories.

    These things settle the spirit of the passed person and lift up the spirit of the surviving loved one.
    Sarah, if you can, give these things a try.

    Another thing, I cannot know how you feel. I have not had a child pass after being born. However, I have had my father killed, my brother killed (at 20), and 2 children die in their moms. I have also grown up with a mother who lost her son too. In time, you too will be able to live.

    One thing I hope that you will know is, this guy is praying for you and your family.



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