What do I need to do now?

It is clear to you what it is that you must do, not what you need to do. You have been given information that is valuable and needs to be dispersed. Watch for the signs and you will know what it is that you are to do. Be in the world, the act of creation is not simply wishing for what is to come to you it is simply the inner self knowing what it is that is your purpose and working within the confines of the moment. For example: We offer to you the information that is necessary for you to have, however, you chose to disbelieve in what your heart knows it is to do. You have been attempting to share the journey with those who will in fact work against all it is that you personally know is needed in your world for you. For many years you have been dictated to according to what the status quo states that you need to do, whether or not we are coming through you with differing information, you tend to rely much on the indoctrinated belief systems rather than undoing all of those indoctrinated beliefs that no longer serve you in order to complete what it is that you have begun to do. You are well, however, as you dig in and refuse to do what it is that you know that you are to do, your physical body rebels. When you made the move to where you are now physically, you knew that you needed this move for the inside of you to clear, and to become physically healthy. You chose this route out of necessity, in order to leave behind many of those systems and beliefs that no longer serve you, or humanity as you know it. Be real, be in the present moment now, and all will fall into place for you. Go only with what is in front of you spontaneously, do, you will then be and have all that you require to move forward with the excitement of life as you know it from your precious inside, to the precious outside of you.

“As channeled by Whitebird”

Do chance connections occasionally surprise or astound you?

This is how the connection of Whitebird and Speaks with Wings was born. A surprising and meaningful relationship was developed during a training program in Northern British Columbia several years ago. We intuitively knew that our paths would continue to cross throughout the remainder of our lives here on Earth. Our soul connection was strong; the purpose of our meeting was not clear in that moment but as we journey forward in our experiences, the evolution of our connection has become much more apparent during our walk together.

Both Whitebird and Speaks with Wings believe that personal stories arise to provide clarity, understanding, compassion, love and light within ourselves and all of humanity.

This was put out into the world in the form of a website, however, Whitebird and Speaks with Wings, had great difficulty in getting this message out into the world.  After much frustration and the inability to get the web site going, Speaks with Wings shared with me some information about someone who was like us.  He came from a different place, was extremely gifted and had assisted her in finding some direction that was needed in her life.  She asked if I would contact “Silver Cloud” Sterling Sinclair and once again a new path was set!

It was from these connections that the birth of this blog came about!  Since then our paths have become enriched and strong through the sharing and connection of the three of us, as well as all of those who have now come into our lives and are giving of themselves to our blog and our world daily.

The connection of Whitebird, Speaks With Wings and Silver Cloud began with a solitude of inner discovery that branched out to one another, and especially to those around them.

Soul Writings is this added extension to our connection, and we welcome you as you journey forward in your life, sharing and connecting with all.

This is connections, this is the magic of sharing and being who it is that you are in order for all of us on our wonderful earth to grow.

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