Small Breaths Create Wind Storms

Our ego has made us to be more than what we are.  There is not much difference between any of us except our personal interests and how our paths have been groomed, so to speak.  We have to look beyond what is in front of us, what are brain shares with us, and the area within the world we walk or travel to.  We are a part of a much impressive representation of life on this planet.

The stars, the moon, the universes, the planets, our Earth, the trees, the animals, the insects, the weather, the water, the plants, other human beings, and human beings that we don’t even know and haven’t even heard of.  We are a part of births, deaths, and all that entails living and surviving.  We are a part of many cultures that we don’t recognize as our own.  We are a part of dirt, dust, disease, and seasonal changes, babies that were just born that we haven’t held or will never hold.  We are a part of famine, genocide, war, religion, even if we don’t subscribe to any of it.  We are a part of each other’s careers, each other’s interests, and apart of each home.  We are a part of starvation, a part of stardom, a part of obesity and apart of education.  We are a part of your favourite author’s dream.  We apart of the flow of technology, apart of politics and apart of art.  We are a part of every aspect that makes up all societies, and we may not even agree with how we are together with it all.  We are a part of our teachers, our students, our children and all their friends and families.  What is happening in space, on other planets, how our weather is changing, or what is occurring on the other side of Earth – we are a part of it all.

Now do you feel fairly small?! It’s because we are – yet our role is integral to it all.  Our role is important, even if we don’t believe so or understand quite how we tie it all together. Our existence is in sync with all aspects that we know to be.

Our life is like a pond.  Each pond has its own eco system, the plants, birds, animals, insects, rocks, trees. All adapt to be able to survive together with one another. They all affect each region differently and all play an important role in its survival.  Remember that each pond is different…There are several different types of ponds in different types of environments on this Earth.  And yet, they all rely on each other to exist and rely on each other to assist in change. 

As we are now becoming aware of global warming and the effects that we all play on the Earth’s systems…our actions today are affecting weather changes and changing the Earth’s systems in all areas of this world.  This is not different to how we affect each other as humans.  For example, many of us are affected by photographs that we see either on TV, in magazines, in books or on the internet.  The people that we see we may not know but they quite possibly change our perspectives on how we view the world and how we change to adapt in our society; our eco system.  Our small movements are grand and make significant changes to all that surrounds us, and is us.

This eco system that we live within is shared by all.  This is why we can’t make one person to be more important than another or make our self to be greater than what we really are.   We are important and all have an equally essential responsibility to one another. We are not the most important and how we live is not the most important.  If we took away our careers, our houses, our cars, our money, our credit, our clothes…we will find a way to adapt.  The outer stimulus in our world is not the driving force behind the survival of our existence.

We all may have a favourite book that we refer many to read, you know the book that changed our life our perspective, well it’s important to remember that piece of writing is a thought.  The thought came from an experience.  Our experiences create perspectives and an experience is what we embark in every moment.  We all share them and we all live them.  Some may simply have an interest in recording their journey or perspective and we find interests in relating our experiences to what we read.  It may have inspired you in some way because as humans, we have experiences, and many times we share similar experiences but don’t record them. 

We all have so much to share.  As we live within our “pond” or within our eco system it is important to remember that it cannot be maintained alone.  It is within a regulated system of adaptable elements.  Like humans.  If you were alone on a deserted island, or alone in your bedroom with the curtains closed….are you not a part of that environment, and its existence?  Just being there shifts the surroundings or natural environment and adapts around you and with you. Your existence is powerful yet small. 

Please remember that being small is strong and equally important as being big or large.  It is our ego that says we must be grander than what we actually are.  Is the ant not as useful and interesting and powerful as an eagle or grizzly bear? Look at how they survive and adjust to their surroundings.  They are different, yet strangely quite similar.   But their survival techniques are different.  Just like humans, our techniques to fit or survive are unique to our being but we are all doing it similarly; for the greater purpose of living.  Living is simply experiencing and sharing. 

Our hero or heroine, our leaders, the people we love and look up to or inspire our journey; their journey is the same as yours.  Its how they adapted and how their interests guided them.  Just remember that it’s the ego that places them above or below us.  Our ego defines what talent, who has worth is and what is the definition of success. We are equal but we are just surviving differently.

If you were to look at the “pond” that you live within…What is your purpose in its system? Are you an animal? An insect? The water? The current? The weather? The Earth? The organism or algae? What role do you play in affecting and functioning within the pond? How about the people or family around you? How have you adapted together within its system? Can you see how there are several ponds on our Earth that are surviving and changing, and also affecting your pond?

Everything that we are doing in our day to day living is contributing.  It may be causing the pond’s survival or contributing to the pond’s destruction.  It is important to remember that nature is not always “nice” as we would like it.  Nature does not last forever either.  So yes, we do contribute to destruction or the demise of systems.  Have you ever thought about the benefits of a lightning storm, or forest fire or flood or tornado? They are devastating to us as humans, our homes, and our survival but for the greater purpose it’s necessary for the overall endurance of our planet.  It’s difficult for our egos to remember that the “not so nice” aspects of living is necessary, and the truth is we don’t last forever but our reason to be and powerfulness comes to focus in the grand scheme of things.  Please don’t let your ego guide you to think that you want the success and notoriety now, because the point then is missed.  Your existence is the greater picture and it’s powerful and it’s equal to all that is living and surviving.

Please remember that you can appear to be the smallest part of the world’s performance but your role is large in the grand representation.  We all are pretty small playing a big position.  Size is simply ego driven and ego made.

Be the change you want to see in the world.  Ghandi.


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  1. I love you Whitebird! Your Thought of the Day brought a writing out of the vault. Our conversations inspire some of my writings and I am thankful for the inspiration. This is one from the past but a reminder of how far we have come with sharing our shared dream we both spoke of years ago…to allow our pen to write and share it! And the beauty is, we also have so many others that are sharing within that dream too. I love this “pond.”
    And what a beautiful gift to have Silver compliment our site with his gifts and how wonderful of a connection because our first talks of a site, we were so clear that visual art was so important in sharing one’s story. The “Vision Board” has been awoken. Thank you Silver for your footprints within the pages, visual and written.

    And thank you for all our beautiful contributors, your stories continue to be inspiring.

    Speaks With Wings

  2. So true, Ego creates so many of the greatest problems that exist in our world today! Our thoughts create our beliefs, our beliefs create our reality, our reality creates our life and our life creates our world! In simplicity, should my ego get in the way, what happens to my life and my world? Chaos for all on the planet and I am a part of this planet! Ghandi sure had that right. Be the change you want to see in your world! Peace, love, light and blessings!

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