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To live in this world with so much more stimuli than we’ve ever known, it is more than ever important to be gentle with ourselves and with each other.  Communication is taking new transformations, especially through technology; bringing together people, cultures, sharing, growth, love, connections, family and friendships.  This new form of technology is also separating us from human connections that can only be felt and read from body language.

We must be gentle with ourselves as we discover new communications.  As interactions and communication shift, so does our relationship with our self and spirit.  It seems our spirits are being nurtured more than ever and being woken up as we walk at fast pace through invisible space.

Symbols and emoticons have become our expressions.  We are learning new ways to celebrate, to grieve, to cry, to laugh, to be sad, to be happy, and just to be.  This new language is being spoken through the touch and visualized through our eyes.

Consider for a moment all the visitors that enter your home and office throughout the day without you ever leaving your chair.  Between the TV and internet, consider the messages that come at you each minute of the day.  Consider this in a physical context and bring it to life, just for this moment.   It’s like having a visitor every second or a business meeting every 5 minutes.    Do we need to be gentle with ourselves, you bet! But most of all, we need to be gentle with each other.  The wheel of life is still turning and we have so much more we need to learn.

I am learning to be gentle with myself because there has become so many expectations to keep keep up…to keep up.  My pace has always been a bit of a stroll and I enjoy the scenery along the way.

My thought today, is to be gentle with yourself and others during these changing times.    Whitebird shared with me many years ago, “You are exactly where you need to be at this moment.”

Blessings and love to all as we stroll together,

Speaks With Wings

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  1. Yes it is a day to be gentle with myself and with others. You and I are strolling together and I value every moment of our stroll through life! Thank you for being you, and your so right, and I had forgotten that I am exactly where I need to be at this moment, sharing the stroll with you! Peace and Love.

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