Today we shift the world

This second is a journey to your destination.  It’s okay that we’re going in different directions; we are simply covering lots of ground of experiences.  We will all find our way back to one another, we may feel like we’re all separated at times but the inner truth knows that we are walking with one another in the same direction.  This can be hard to fathom as we are all so different on this Earth but together we are one in our destinations.  Our soul has a purpose and we are living it.

What is our individual purpose? To answer this we must be quiet and let the revelations come not from our mouths.  This is the time to let our Earth teachers take a break and go into silence themselves.  Observe what is around you without your eyes to guide you.  Within the silence is where we discover the sounds we miss; the water is rushing, the mountains are shifting, the trees are bending, the insects are now vocal.  Our purpose is within this mystery of silence.  It is now that we discover that our purpose is this simple journey forward.  Whatever our situation is now, our purpose is this moment.  Our wisdom is the simple being of this moment and we have much to learn from this second and the seconds that have passed.  The moments of the future are not important, not as important as this moment of right now.

It is important to understand that as consciously as we are discovering our journey, we will always be unconsciously conscious.  This simply means that our conscious will always be guided by what we do not have “control” or “power” over.  This journey that we walk is guided by those that walked this journey before us.  In this silence, we discover that there is much in our journey that is weaved together with the walks of all that share this space of Earth with us and weaved tightly with the journeys of those before us.  To be conscious is to be aware of all aspects of our being and this is why we will always be unconsciously conscious.  The unconsciousness of our being unfolds to our conscious; we will always have much to learn.

This silence of the moment is part of our unconscious coming to the being of our conscious.  As our journey is never completely individual (we are always connected with our communities, our families, the space of Earth in which we share), we will never be conscious of the connections we have with everyone on this Earth.  This simply unfolds as the moments pass.  We are not always aware of the footprints we leave, and whose feet are walking within our footprints.  But in time, we will discover this. Sometimes it takes generations for this to unfold.  The more we are conscious of this moment, the unconscious is awakened.  It is important to understand we simply can’t know everything at once.  Our journey is meant to unfold, and it is unfolded as the bigger picture of living is revealed.  This is the spirit of learning.  Our learning is not all that we learn from our parents, our schooling, our careers, or from the books that we indulge in.  We must remember that our learning is from living, it’s the simple sharing of space with those around us.  And remember that this space we share is the Earth as a whole.  Our movements, our actions, our moods, our beliefs, our values, our teachings and learning are connected and imprinted in the journeys of those we may not know; even those that live on the opposite sides of the Earth.

The Earth is a shared environment with all that is living within its space.  Our space within it may be small, in our physical eyes, but we are playing a great part in its systems of living and growth.  We are a part of something so much greater than we can fathom in the consciousness of Earth teachings.  We simply can’t be conscious of all that is occurring.  We are not meant to understand it all at once.  This is why it’s a journey.  It’s a journey of discovery.  What a sad moment it will be when we lose our sense of discovery.  A robot we will be – simply going through the movements only to be shut off when our purpose is accomplished.  Humans are not meant to be so mechanical.

This moment is what is the most important.  It is this moment that leads us to the next.  It is this moment that our life being can be altered, can be celebrated and also can be completed.  It is important to remember that we are not above the natural cycle of dying.  Our journey as a human on this Earth is limited.  The moments are not forever.  So what is our purpose? What is your purpose? Our purpose is simply this moment.  Anything beyond it doesn’t matter because that’s not our destination to control it.  That is the bigger picture and we’re not the painter of it.  Our art is this moment only.  Stroke your brush assertively and be prepared to let it go when needed.  Our destination and our purpose are to fulfill the greater destination that we may not understand at this moment.  That is the gift of this moment, we are being guided to the greater understanding and all will be revealed when the moment is right.

Anticipate this moment.  Anything beyond this moment we can’t be conscious of.  We never know when our gifts of moments will be no longer in this reality.  Understand that we’ll always be consciously unconscious.  And it’s a beautiful mystery that is revealed to us each moment.


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