Tripping on Monkey Brains

There is so many right things…and there is an equal amount of wrong things. There is nice and of course there is just plain mean.

I don’t mean to say I’m right.  I don’t mean to say I’m wrong.  I’m not attempting to be nice, and I’m truly not attempting to be mean.

I am really attempting to be real.  And I really must say, before I take too much of this on…”monkey” you make my skin go numb and my brain feels fried when your “monkey” ego fills the evening room with more than what it knows.  Please remove your “monkey” mask, as it is starting to make my face feel itchy.

~ Speaks With Wings

Creator gifted us with so many things.  And I am grateful for my emotions : “the good, the bad and the ugly.”  I am grateful for the gift of honesty and expression.  I am grateful for the skills and knowing of what kind of impression I may leave on others and clearly what has been left on me.  I am grateful for change and to know when it doesn’t feel good anymore to be so honest.  I have no ill intent to hurt or create imbalance to the energy we walk within.  Sometimes we find the balance within the perfect disruptions of “synergy.”

I  appreciate that if I am talking about “monkey”,  I am also writing about myself.  My ego has placed “monkey” somewhere and I’ve defined your “monkey” limitations.  That means I’ve filled the air with more than I do know and now I’ve now got “monkey” on my back!

I dedicate this to a  conversation tonight that if not stopped, may work its way to be a regurgated cycle.  I wish it was simply written and the verbal discussion was erased because our “monkey” dance was quite unskilled.  Oh, the relationship between humans and monkeys…so……


0 thoughts on “Tripping on Monkey Brains

  1. Our world is made up of polarities!
    Good, Bad
    Right, Wrong
    Should, Shouldn’t
    Do, Don’t
    Love , Hate and the list continues to eternity and back….
    Real is simply my perception and only I can judge my responses based my beliefs of my polarities! Judging is also a polarity.
    Wow, we live in a polarized world!
    Thank you for reminding me so I can


  2. Real is also the emotion that is present for the moment. And what we do with it is our reality. I like that Creator gave me the gift to feel annoyed but I don’t like to live annoyed. Yesterday, I was simply annoyed and I was okay with it. But because I was so very annoyed with someone it became about me then. I felt like I had the most unintelligent conversation last night but it was such a great day yesterday that I found my annoyance more humurous than anything. So the situation became a monkey.
    But to sum it up.. we all have feelings. Some are more stronger than others, and it is what we do with the feelings. I’m okay with feeling “down” or “angry” or in this case “annoyed” just as comfortable and okay as feeling “happy” or “optimistic” or “embracing the whole world with my love.” I feel more out of balance when I don’t allow the feeling to be real and named.
    And I’m with you Whitebird, I’m going to keep the monkey off my back. And it’s going to take work on my end to ensure I don’t jump on others’ !

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