On earth today everything is polarized. The human exists in a world of duality, which has taken over the ability to be in the world without judgment.


Quiet, loud
accept, reject
do, don’t
yes, no
inside, outside, good, bad should, shouldn’t,
right, wrong,
pass, fail,
stop, go,
me, you,
us, them,
male, female,
child,             adult,
asleep,              awake
active,                     inactive
success,                             failure
complete,                             incomplete


When you become aware of the polarity, which encompasses your precious being, your mind will be open to the spontaneity that exists in your world without judgment and justification.


All feelings are polarized, and exist within opposites, and it is with the polarity of feelings that exist from the outside that all of the world and personal problems exist today. The list of feeling word descriptions are endless and usually come to you through what is it that you want. For example:

If you want to feel POSITIVE You are feeling NEGATIVE
If you want to feel NEGATIVE You are feeling POSITIVE
If you want to feel GOOD You are feeling BAD
If you want to feel BAD You are feeling GOOD
If you want to feel HAPPY You are feeling SAD
If you want to feel SAD You are feeling HAPPY
If you want to feel UP You are feeling DOWN
If you want to feel DOWN You are feeling UP
If you want to feel LOVED You are feeling UNLOVED
If you want to feel UNLOVED You are feeling LOVED
If you want to feel WELL You are feeling UNWELL
If you want to feel UNWELL You are feeling WELL
If you want to feel HEALTHY You are feeling UNHEALTHY
If you want to feel UNHEALTHY You are feeling HEALTHY
The basic feelings that are expressed by the precious humans of today fall into categories which are polarized or opposites, these feelings will pull in a direction usually based on a positive or a negative response which is the beginning of the polarities that exist on the earth plane today.
Feelings have different meanings to each person who feels them dependent on the Social Conditioning from the outside.  How do you want to feel today?


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