It is time to let all of the world know who you are and where it is that you have come from! It is your road, your pathway! Your story is unique. It is a story that will assist others to live their life the way that it is for them, not hiding who they are and where it is that they have come from. We are all on a unique journey and the journey that you have chosen is one of helping others to be who they truly are from the core of their being. It does not mean that anyone in this world needs to hide, the times have changed into times of acceptance, reality and choice. In your lifetime you understand that choice is not always something that you were aware of. You tried hard to please others, not realizing that the only one that you needed to please was yourself, from the core of your being.

You know how to fly in every sense of the word, and it is now time to assist others to fly on their own. Have you NOW sprouted the wings to fly on your own?

You are loved, safe and protected as you journey through life and nothing in your life will change from what it is that you know.

You are supported and the ability to respect and honour ones self and your lifetime journey will be in tact.

You are who you are because of where you have been and what it is that you have experienced and believed your entire life. Peace, love light and blessings be with you on your journey forward.

The time that you are living will change  and you will be here for those who require assistance to validate who they are and where they have come from. We are with you as we are you.

Be and all will be done!

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  1. Life Purpose….such a grand statement ~ does it come with expectations? I feel like a chrysalis, evolving, growing, changing. Has everything in life led me up to this point? Has the loss been lessons? Have the gifts been rewards? Where is the path? I know I am meeting other mothers who have loss. It’s like a magnet recently. We find each other in the most bizarre places (cattle auction today). They soothe and heal me. Will I in turn be able to give the same to others? Where am I going? I feel like a new nerve; sensitive and raw, my purpose undefined. I am surrounded by ‘others’. I think they will guide me.

    • Yes Sarah, grief is a process of healing, growing and learning. Many of life’s lessons seem impossible in the beginning! Just know that you are guided, loved, protected and cherished by those who have gone before you who are you, as well as those who you encounter daily on you journey through life on earth plane. As you evolve, grow and change, know that we are with you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually! We are all one, we are all related and please remember that we are never a lone, we are in fact All One, learning, growing, and evolving with every step through our life on earth plane and beyond. Peace, love, light and blessings Sarah!

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