This society, this generation has come to believe that they can manage everything, when in fact the only thing that you have been placed in earth space for is to learn to manage yourself! The beginning of personal management comes through innocence. Do not believe that you need to manage those things, which are outside of yourself! It is managing yourself, and having respect for all that is around you that the world will sustain and provide for you in the way, which is meant to be. The earth is a place of innocence, and this innocence is taught to humans through the trees, the air that you breath, the ground that you walk on, the water that sustains you, the animals who roam the earth who provide the nutrients for the plants to grow. You should ask:

  • What is it that I can learn from the way the earth sustains itself?
  • How do the creatures, plants and animals provide me with what I need to learn in order to sustain me?

The lessons will come from linking hands, or branching out and blooming with all that is around you.

In your innocence as a child you were fascinated by all that was on the earth, as you matured, your innocence was replaced by the brain training, which has come to pass as being the rules that you needed in order to live on the planet. If every human being maintained the innocence that they were given when they first arrived on the planet the world would not be under such distress as it is now, and there would not be the urgency that is needed to bring all back on line the way it is meant to be. It is urgent to get in touch with your own personal innocence, and to help others to retrieve their innocence in order for your planet to maintain and in order for you to continue to live on the planet in the way you were meant do before you began to develop intellectual capabilities which are in fact hindering you instead of helping you. It is now time for human beings to be just that, humans being in the way they were meant to be not the way that the outside dictates that they be! The human brain has been struggling with information being given and in the last century this has created massive illness and dis ease with everything that surrounds you. It is no wonder that the lack of innocence has created the need for endless list of organizations to keep you in form. Life is simple. The earth is simple. .

  • Who would want to destroy innocence?

When you return to innocence and spontaneity nothing can harm you, as you know that through this innocence all will be taken care of. You do have the ability to take care of yourself in ways that are foreign to you from your present perspective. When you move to the place of innocence all will come to be the way that it is meant to be.

It has been said that a wise person is one who knows what to do. Each of you know what to do, it is only when this wisdom is covered by messages and information which does not fit into this world that human beings believe that they are stupid or unable to do what they know how to do. Simply you are here to be innocent, spontaneous and to become a part of all that is around you. It is no accident that you are here during these times.

This is one the most important lessons that there is now to offer to the earth. Without this lesson, there will be no earth as you know it. It will all be changed until it is unrecognizable to you. T his is not meant to frighten you dear ones, only to enlighten you, as you become a part of this new world and have compassion for all that you are apart of.

Always remember knowledge provides choice!  Spontaniety and Innocence are choice!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

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