The question: I have many questions that are difficult to sort. Where do I begin?

The Channel speaks:

Always dear one begin in the moment that you are now in. Everything is going well in your life and the reason that you can not see that all is well in your life is because this is new territory for you.

What is the reason for you to have to create issues that do not exist?

Are we perhaps bored?

Always see the moment that you are in without clouding it with unrealistic issues that are a creation of yours for you and by you. When you put it all together and go with the flow, all flows! When you create issues, it will create another flow which is what you choose not to have in your life, which is the flow of issues. You however, tend to want to stop the flow by allowing the issues to stop you. You are accountable to you for you, and you will do what needs to be done in the moment provided that you keep your head from over riding what you know is in your heart.

All of life can be like a riddle, especially when you concentrate on what you perceive others need and want. Life is not about others it is about you.

You have learned that this is selfish, and living your life is the most selfish thing that you will ever do, how else can you learn, grow and become all that you know that you are. Should you continue to sit in the background waiting for someone else to give you permission to be all that you are that is being overly mannerly and will stop not only your process, but the process for all others who require this information now.

Those who are to be with you are, those who are not to be with you aren’t . Life is just that simple! Be and all will be with you or not!

Peace, love and light are with you because they are you on this day of discovering you.

Channelled by Whitebird

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  1. Wow! You have been busy this morning.It always amazes me that you are able to feel what the question of the day is, for me, what now, how can I be still and still move forward? The answer…..BE STILL…..keep the lessons of yesterday, don’t relive them, enjoy today, learn what is being taught today, tomorrow depends on what you’ve learned today, so….BE STILL….and absorb what is being taught TODAY.

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