I have spent much time in your life, as a step mother, adopted mom, youth care worker, friend, mentor, and a unique individual.

It is important to me to share my journey with you.  Our journey so far has been one  of  honesty, awe of where we have been, in knowing  where we are in this moment in our history and our life together.

Our time together has been great even with the difficulties and changing times we have encountered. Our world is changing and we continually grow together as the unique individuals we are with and without the labels that we wear.

I am proud and happy to be a part of your life, just as I am proud and happy that you have come into my life and be a part of my life to teach me much about myself that I can not and could not have learned any other way.

Our paths have been pre-destined and aligned for good reasons. The greatest reason is so that we  learn all that we need to from one another. What a sacred path that we have chosen in finding each other in this life time.

Thank you for being, and for what we share.

My mother told me many years ago that what we do in this lifetime is make memories. She was right! We have certainly done this and will continue to do it!  I am and will always be eternally grateful for our memories  in this lifetime here on earth and beyond.

We are all related, we are all one!  I love  you all.

“White Eagle”


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