You are capable of writing these things, it is only from your human perspective that you have begun to not believe in you and in all that you know. You are ready to begin on this journey and we do respect you and are able to guide you on this mission, this journey into life itself. Some of the things that are happening to you now may be foreign to you, but do not be afraid, what it is that is happening to you needs to be.

We commend you on your openness and willingness to do this work, you are ready and the work is ready now for you to do.

Respect is a word that means many different things to each person. In earth school the vocabulary is limited and cannot begin to portray what the words actually mean to each unique human being. The work, which is being done right now is a means to have people understand that language is personal and individual and each word only is understood by those who use it from the perception of where they are. These words need to be kept as they were meant to be. The person who is using the word needs to comprehend the word from within and learn to define what the word means to them, not what the word means to someone else. Difficulties in the world arise from each person understanding their meaning of a word, and another person assuming that the person who is hearing this word will also understand it in the same way. This has created massive misunderstandings. It is time to show you how this happens.

We will use the word respect. Respect simply is allowing the other person to be who they are, know who they are and leave them to be who they are! On earth plane, it has become important that everyone is just like everybody else, and the whole concept of the human being has been lost in the shuffle of words and expectations. The expectations come from the words and are limited to what indoctrinated values and beliefs you hold. Again, the word respect should be used the way that it was intended when it was first spoken and that is to simply allow each human being to be.

What is it that keeps earth from understanding that we are not mass-produced?

Perhaps if you look inward, you will begin to dispel the belief that we are all created equally, when in fact we are not created equally we are all created uniquely. This is the way it is to be, it has nothing to do with race, creed, color, or religion. What has been forgotten is the uniqueness of every individual who inhabits the planet. You are expected to cohabitate on earth, however, if inhabiting this earth is based on cohabitation in a group, what happens to the unique human being. They may become sick, alone, outside of being who they are, versus being inside of who they are and healthy! Dear one, please understand that this is not the way life is supposed to be. Social Conditioning does not allow you to be who you are, so you become only a socially conditioned personality. How little we know on this planet for as long as we have been here!

You believe that it is not until you leave earth school that you will have the opportunity to view your life differently, it is now time to start to view life from another perspective which is in order to co-habit you must first in- habit your own being. In habiting your being you will be able to understand what the earth plane has to offer to you, not what a chosen few wish it to offer. How sad it is to view life from this perspective and be aware of the many who walk the earth plane who have such little understanding of themselves. The word respect today applies only to those outside of you without the respect, which is found inside of you for you.

Without personal respect how will you know who you are and what your purpose is?

Is your purpose only to please others and to respect others?

If you cannot first respect your uniqueness and human qualities then you can respect none. This is a trick which has been formulated only for power over another be it an animal, a blade of grass, a forest or another being who is non human only because they have been made to believe that respect comes from the outside and not inside. Much of your planet is vacant they have left themselves completely for the outside world, and in fact they have not yet learned that outside is not inside. Outside is exactly that, a vacant body walking though life with a Vacancy sign put upon it. Respect yourself, and that respect will be passed onto others, not from the outside but from your inside to their inside and the out to our precious earth.  Peace, love, light, blessings and respect for all!

“Channelled by Whitebird”

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