The Gift of Now

The present is a gift, which is given to you.

Not forward, not backward, the present is now, this moment and it is in this now that the human no longer exists, or cannot be.

Much of what we have learned in earth school, has removed the human from being,and you have missed the gift, which has been placed before you and was developed by you as the internal monitor and source of your personal power.

This personal power will create an energy surge far stronger than anything else in the universe or on the earth plane. Imagine yourself to be rooted in the time, which is before you.

Can you even begin to comprehend that all that there is in now?

So disturbing it is for us who have gone before to observe the misgivings of time humans. Time humans are those who project into the future believing that future is not now, or the time humans who observe the past and stay there because it is known to them and the fear of the future creates such disturbance that they cannot remain in the present. This present is as you would say a gift, and earth school has taught that you are not to accept this gift. It is now time to be now and present.  Not forward, Not Backward but Right Here, Right Now!

Peace, love, light and blessings!


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