Childhood memories are still very clear to me today. I knew that I was gifted when I was very young and that knowledge was being forwarded to me through me. This information being forwarded to me had not been taught to me through indoctrinated systems or other people. It was information that was unique to me.

I could find missing objects and some of my very early recollections of being a child included locating missing objects in our household. If anything could not be located, my mother, who was a very knowing person would say; “if it’s in the house, ask “Whitebird,” she will know where it is! Amazingly, I usually did know exactly where things were! I simply needed to be observant and ask where something was and I would automatically be led to it from my inner sense of knowing. As I progressed through my childhood, I quickly learned that the things that I knew in my little life, were not to be shared with others. I was intuitive and had an uncanny understanding of people. Others would be frightened, I would be rejected and viewed as being weird and different. Those in my life who were important to me, my parents, family, friends, acquaintances and teachers always told me to keep it to myself, “don’t be silly” they would say, and then they would ask: “How could you possibly know that?” These questions and statements became the undoing of what I had arrived in this world with. A sound knowledge of who I am and the gifts that I bring forward with me to my today which is NOW. The process of life appears to involve unlearning much of what you have learned in your life from the time you were a small child, then miraculously putting it all together and re-learning how important the things that you have unlearned in your life are to you today. I know that I have choice, and my choice comes to me through understanding the process of life in this precious eternal moment of NOW! The now’s in my life have led me through an exciting journey that will continue on to infinity and beyond. This journey through life has constantly shifted, changed and has led me to where I am today. Each moment, each experience, I give thanks for! It is up to me to learn in this fleeting moment as it carries me forward into infinity, what I need to assist me to move forward with my life.

To those who have gone before me, who are me, Creator and every animate object on earth, I am eternally grateful for the assistance in becoming all that I am.


What are the gifts that you have, have you kept them?

As we share we grow!


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