Today is a great day to honour all of those who have passed by remembering how special they were in this life and are today in spirit. All of the special times we had when we were together physically will stay within my heart forever! Peace, love and light as you journey forward! Thank you for being Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and now Spiritually!


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  1. This morning as I was meditating, thoughts kept swirling through my mind about the coming of Remembrance Day which is rapidly approaching. Spirit took me to the memories of my father who was a World War II Veteran and then spirit came and reminded me of all of those who have passed to maintain World Peace! I know today will be a day of channeling those who have gone before me who are me who have passed to protect our lands, nations, and all of creation. There are many differing types of internal wars that take place within human beings today.
    May we honor them all! Thank you Silver, for the auracature that was presented to you at the same time as my meditation. We are truly all one, we are all related in spirit!

    Peace, love, light and blessings!

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