We come to you, through you, to give you messages that are imperative in your world today. We have been here before and are no longer here in the form that you wish to acknowledge as being human. You have questioned long now on who we are and what it is that we are doing coming through you to do this work that you are meant to do. The human being has been trained to look at the world from outside and place all that you know into categories, these categories need to be seen, heard, accepted and registered into your brain as being what you need to have from the outside. We do not fit into that category and we come from a place that is rooted deep within you. Some humans today talk about the spiritual beings who are their personal guides. These guides can be seen, heard, but not acknowledged in the way which comes from inside of you, they come in the form of messengers from the outside. This is ending now, for in viewing your guides from the outside, you miss the beauty of a very important part of yourself that comes not from the outside, but inside of you. If you wish to place a name on us, let it be known that we are you. You have the ability to access this part of you, which is known to you, but you have been trained to not acknowledge this precious ability. This part of you that we are is known today as you heart, your inner sense, inner being or spirit. This special part exists in all who are on earth plane, through the past lives, futures lives and simultaneous lives that are registered within you right here, right now.

From the perspective that you gained in earth school, we are not acknowledged as being you. Every human being on earth plane has the ability to access who they truly are. It is through brain training, belief systems, parochial thinking or social conditioning that the natural flow of consciousness has stopped and the human is no longer being.

Many humans today journey through life, not being, but only doing what they believe they should do based on programming from outside of themselves. On earth plane today there is a movement which is referred to as a New Age movement, and at this time it should be known that this movement should be referred to as an Old Age, Ancient Age, Present Age, Future Age Movement or even more appropriate to this time as the Now Age Movement. This movement is doing much to move the human being forward to explore facets of their personal self that are not visible to the brain trained eye.
It is time, now, in the history of earth plane for every human being to access who you are from the inside out, rather from the outside in. (A very large part of who you are is in the knowledge that you have assistance and guides who are you!) We come from many places and are accessible to you when you are open to understanding who you truly are. You come to earth plane and are born to parents who give you a heritage, which can be explained when you understand that every part of you when you are born is linked and imprinted through your ancestors. Your heritage is as ancient as the beginning of time, and is as futuristic as infinity, and in understanding ancient time and future time you will begin to imagine what you know from the inside of you, which can now be projected to the outside of you.

There are nations of peoples on earth plane today who understand this access; however, these individuals and groups of people have been shunned by society, because their understanding of life is different. They have become labeled and feared for what they know, and it is in this knowing that they have been categorized and ignored. I would be wise at this time in history to learn from those who have this knowledge and have practiced being on this earth for centuries. These beings are guided in what they do. They are your earthly teachers and will show you what you need to know in order to access you and become who you are. This process of becoming who you are does not come through the technology of the information systems that have been supplied to you through the outside technology known as computers. This information is yours personally, and you do not need to push a button or key to access. To access this information you need only to be open to it and you can access the gift of lifetimes which you possess within you.

This gift of lifetimes comes to you through “Being.” There is not one human being on earth plane today who does not house this precious gift within them. Your brain provides you with the feelings and is linked to your mind. You brain and mind direct your body. Emotion is the driving force of the brain, feelings and mind that creates response, reaction and movement both physically and mentally, based on what you know from the outside of your being. You are also blessed with an intuitive knowing, or an inner sense of beings, as well as an inner being, spirit, or soul that is often referred to in your language of today as “your heart”. When you are connected Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritualy, you are open to all that is you.

At this time in your history the human guides and teachers who now are coming forward to assist the humans on this planet to be who you are.

Note: My earthly guides and teachers appear to me at times I may not expect or anticipate them to be there, but they do arrive. Their arrival usually comes to me in the form of connections.

“Channeled by Whitebird”

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