Always, is thinking … inside of me.
Continually, it reflects … outside of me.

I do not like … much of what I have seen.
This I will never share… because, inside I scream.

Why does your skin … turn darker in the sun ?
A question, many times asked … I would not run.

Something is different … about you, they would say.
Stand straight, silent, … be proud each day.

As a child, no real friends … no one to play.
I will be the cowboy .. you be the Indian, ran out of time to play.

Child, or Adult … I Will Not Work or Associate with you.
Work smarter, stronger, longer … life methodically passes by you.

Look at that man … with the high forehead, and cheek bones.
Where in the world .. does he call home ?

A little old lady … walks up to me, in a retail store.
Mister, I just wanted to ask … are you Iranian, there is trouble in store.

I am not 100% … a Native American.
By birth and flag … always, a responsible American.

Truthfully, I can remain inside … and be quite pale.
Why, should I punish myself … deep inside, I hurt, I wail.

Live quietly, reflect often … do not live in despair.
No matter, what happens … you really do care.

Now that I am old … and yes will not cover my gray.
Things are not much different, but what is normal, hey ?

What lives and struggles, I have lived … in any time or land.
My Native Spirit … is what holds me together, and is who, I am.

(Hal Brower 06/17/2011)

Shared by “April”

One thought on “MY NATIVE SPIRIT

  1. April,
    thank you, I am honored for you considering my writing for posting. I invite you to use others. You will find them throughout my Facebook Wall Posts, and in my Photo Albums.
    My journey is a Novice Shaman, with a great love and respect for nature, the Native Path of Other Peoples, and Natives in other Countries. We are all connected in this great web of life. Our connections, are very important. I am blessed to have met you.
    Hal ” Flying Hawk “

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