Each morning when you awake, give thanks. Be kind with yourself, and all relations Know that they are purposefully placed on mother earth… They all have their place in the universe, as do we….We are one humbling part of the web of life. We are blessed with the gift of being the caretakers of mother earth and the time has come to reclaim and nourish our relationship with her and All relations.
As human beings we are given the freedom of choice, to live a spiritual or material life….In a time where material rules the world, know there still exists an opportunity of turning back the powers of destruction…. Through our sacred flame, each of us can be an instrument in healing ourselves, each other and the earth mother.
Don’t carry the shame of learning and living dysfunction, it does not belong with you. Always remember, when we know better, we do better. May you find the strength to live beyond shame. Become aware of it, call it for what it is and let it not limit you… Set boundaries, it is okay. They are necessary, to live in peace and love…
May you live with courage and compassion, love and forgive…. It is through one`s self that we learn to love others. Practice kindness and don’t wait around for love give it to yourself, love in every
You are the only one who decides the right path for you. Know that you cannot escape the consequences of your choices but trust that you never journey alone. Remember, that because we are all connected, your actions will have a ripple effect causing harmony or disharmony throughout the universe… so in everything you do, do your best to maintain good relations with all. Be graciously aware that All living beings emit an energy that connects us to each other. This energy, this sacred flame exists in all living beings. Seek it, Embrace it…. Give more than you receive but remember always, to give to and of yourself. This teaching took a lifetime to learn…

May you walk in love, beauty and gratitude… No matter your choices or what life brings to you, know that I am ashamed of you. Your sacred flame is one like no other… every hair on your head has been counted…..each created with care and purpose…
I cannot explain to you how I am with you because it is not comprehendible in the physical world, but trust and believe in me, as you trust and believe in the wind… And remember, the Creator blesses us with ordinary miracles each day, my girl, it is a choice to acknowledge, embrace and act on them… Carry these words in your heart… With every heartbeat and along every step of your sacred journey, know You are loved. You are not alone.

All my Relations – Hai Hai

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