Criticism is born in insecurity!

When you are secure within you dear ones, all from outside of you is, as it needs to be from outside of you. When you are inside of you, peace, prosperity and truthfulness is the reward and with the reward comes the acceptance needed to allow others their right to be on their journey through life. Criticism is a menial form of judgment. When you criticize others, you are simply saying, Why aren’t you me, I would do it this way, my way is right, yours is wrong and it leads directly into the polarity which exists on earth plane today. Criticism allows you to sit in judgment of others, and it is through this judgment that control is born. Control is an exercise, which comes from the outside of each human who is not being. As you recognize that you are criticizing others, you will know that within you, you are criticizing you and your own personal way of living your life. If you are not integrated with your inside you will sit in judgment of you from the outside, when you are criticizing you from what you perceive to be the inside of you, know that you are locked into the confines of the brain, you hold the key to move through self criticism by accessing your mind and inner being where you will find the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that you possess which is unique only to you. When you are a human being you there is no need for criticism from within and will not have to do without.

Judgment is the ultimate form of control that exists on earth plane today!

Whether this judgement is you judging yourself, or whether you are judging another, it is a form of control which is an indication that you are into your brain and are comparing who you are, what you do, and who you should be through the eyes of outside of your being. When you are judging others from outside, you are really judging yourself from outside through parochial thinking and indoctrinated beliefs about you. It was written at one time “Judge you not that you judge yourself”, and with judgement you are really saying that I can judge you because I am you or I want to be you.

What happens when you judge and criticize others, or when  someone else judges and criticizes you?  Only you know the answer!

Peace, love, light and blessings!.

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