Awakening to all that you are is a process!

It is also a form of waking up to a whole new world!

The beginning of this process is awareness!

Today the systems that are in place are constantly shifting and changing which requires (you) the human being to stay in their heads and only be conscious of what your brain is telling you to be conscious of.  This is one of the greatest fallacies that exists today.  Our brains are only a small portion of what we need to awaken to daily.  Today it is important to listen to:

  • Your brain which helps you to be aware of what the world is doing and the messages that are being given to you from the outside of your precious being.
  • Your mind which is the link from your brain to your precious inside knowing that exists within you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  The mind is like the turbine that drives the entire being to move through life with ease, and not with dis – ease.
  • Your physical body is the shell or casing that you wear through life.  The physical being is a complex series of tissues, organs, bones, joints, fluids that keeps you growing, moving, and changing with everything that goes on with you and is linked to the turbine of the mind.
  • Your emotions are a part of your mind as well, and they are the sensing, feeling, and adhesive that keeps us all together to be as one knowing what you know, feeling what you feel, being who you are on all levels of being that bring you to know and understand your connection with
  • Your spirit, which is all that you are through your beliefs, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Peace, love, light and blessings, as you move forward in life awakening to all that you are from the inside out!

“White Eagle”

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