Each day when you awake, give thanks to the sun for rising…. Our mind has come to expect it, but let your spirit revel in this ordinary miracle. This gift bestowed upon us sustains our physical life. Life is a gift and one of its beauties is the freewill. The freedom to choose what we will believe, how we will live and what we will contribute to the circle of life.

The earth mother has cried out to us, we, her caretakers have failed and she continues to suffer…. We are reaching a time in the circle of life where things need to change…. People have forgotten the instructions on how to live on mother earth. .. But we still have a choice….

We are but one part of the web of life. We are blessed with the beauty and creativity of the four directions and four races, just as the meadows are with different-colored flowers… Respect others beliefs and ideas, there is not one `right` way to live. These exchanges bring forth the spark of truth. We were each blessed with our own way of living and believing… yet we are all One, the hurt of one is the hurt of all and the honor of one is the honor of all… May you recognize those things that lead to your well-being and those that lead to your destruction. Try not to dwell in your desires but seek opportunities to be of service to other beings and relations. Choose happiness, self-loathing has the power to paralyze and get in the way of healing.

When you feel like criticizing and being negative, look inward and find where it is you are lacking in love… This teaching will help you maintain good relations… There is a powerful love to be found in respect, forgiveness and being kind to one another. And loving others is possible only through loving one`s self. Resist the path of judgment and practice love…. Listen with humility and understanding and remember they too were given their own journey to walk… May you walk in beauty and with courage and with compassion try to imagine the walk in their moccassins, but know the footprints are not yours. Only they and the Creator understand their journey, only they know themselves.

As you journey remember that there is good in everyone. Smudge and give thanks for the teachers and spirit guides you have been blessed with along the way. They have been purposefully placed on your path….to give you love, light and guidance….to give you what you need, even though you may not understand it, know that they are miracles meant for you, as the stars in the sky…. created to help guide you on your sacred journey. May you seek wisdom from the ancestors and be blessed with daily reminders of the inner knowledge you hold within….

Remember that we create our lives with our thoughts, words and actions. May you seek the wisdom of your imagination and practice your creative abilities… Through love and creativity, come solutions that bring about change…. As with everything in life, balance is key to happiness, so know there is healing in silence. And during those times you question if you are on the right path, remember that money cannot be eaten….

You are loved….. You are precious…. YOU are part of the Great Mystery of life.

All My Relations – Hai Hai (Redberry)

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