~Look with-in……Look inside you…what are your guides telling you…what are your guides asking you do…look, hear,see and listen!…..

We know this is a very hard time for some of you right now.. the loss of a loved one, the anniversary of a loved ones loss, caring for someone who is ill, old, even young, and there empending passing… try not to let it wear you down, or get you down.

Your loved ones are safe here..they are right with you… the ones still here on the earth plane that are ill…it will be only a matter of time, left for them… but they dont wnat you to feel sad… we know that is a hard thing to not to do… but it is for the best.. your spending a lot of time with them, trying to create memories to cherish with them forever….cherish the ones, that were before.. before the illness took over them…your young ones, that you didn’t get to say good bye to…your sadness is writtien on your face.. just remember holding them in your arms, the kisses on the cheeks, the cuddles and the snuggles… remember them…they are asking for you to put a picture by your bedside, so that when you fall asleep, and wake up,…they are the first ones you will see…but know.. they are right there with you….look inside yourself today…feel inside yourself today…and let it all go…just remember all the good times that were before, not now…when you visit yor loved ones today… take a book and read to them..the elderly who are suffering from dementia, read them a christmas book..help them to remember a time that possibly wasn’t so sad or hard for them.. take them out that moment… for just a moment…your young ones …lying in the beds…read to them as well..put on a chritmas movie.. put up a little Chritmas tree on the side of their beds on the tables…do something very special today to put smiles on their faces, and take them out and yourselves out of  those moments for awhile today….your loved ones here in the Divine Heaven, are helping you to cope with and deal with..these anivesaries, or the memories of what was…today..when you are sitting and looking and just staring into space.. watch for flashes of lights, flashes of colors..that is them.. showing you that you are not alone,  they are with you….giving you hope, giving you peace..to move on and move forward. You have begun to get into a rut, you have lost the Chritmas Spirit….that Spirit lies within your heart, and all around you….Search for it today..and you shall find it…..

Your loving Guides…♥
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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