For many weeks I had worked with an individual in a training program that was designed to assist professionals to work with people in groups delivering Life Skills Programming.  I had not talked with this person for a month and then just as I was sitting down to determine how to put this story together to put into a book I had the feeling that I needed to check my Emails.  Sure enough by listening only to my inner sense or intuition, I approached the computer, checked the Email, I saw the message and knowingly I called her.  During the training with this person we never had a conversation about spirit, although I intuitively knew that she was a very spiritual person.  Her religious background was strong, and I knew that there was an inner light shining from her that could not be described in words.  We began to talk about things in the outer world, work, family, berry picking and education and then within seconds we began to talk about Spirit Guides, Life and Death and what they all meant to us.  It was a wonderful conversation and it became easy to understand the reasons for this person having come into my life.  We talked about knowing intuitively what we know, spirit guides who come to us and how they come to us, and healing.  This individual knows that she is a healer, has an uncanny knowledge of life beyond us, has lost a son, knows the way to determine what entities and guides she connects with and guides who come to her that she is not to connect with.  I sat back marveling in how creation provides us with the teaching and support that is necessary to move us forward in our lives.  She kept saying that she never shares these things with other people, but she knows that she needs to write a book about some of her worldly and spiritual experiences.  Once again, the connection was established from within me, and the creation of support for me arrived from the outside only because at this time I was connected to my inside.  To be in touch with the inner being, all I needed to do was ask for assistance and everything I needed in that moment was provided for me.  A large part of our conversation was talking about how other people would perceive us from the outside should they know that we are connected to spirit, and the experiences we tend to keep inside of us because we do not want others to think that we are weird of different.

After this conversation was over the following appeared to me:


  1. Close yourself off from the outside, indoctrinated beliefs and social conditioning which exist in your life through brain training.
  2. Ask for guidance from you Inner Sense of Being and those who have gone before you who are you.
  3. Observe signs, words, symbols, pictures and messages which come to you from the inside of you as well as the outside of you.
  4. Receive the message and decide how this message affects your life now.
  5. Be present now, every moment is precious.
  6. Do now, all that you experience makes you who you are today and leads you to your life purpose.

Peace, love, light and blessings to you as you move forward Now!

“White Eagle”

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