The paths we take are sometimes not paved, they are not without a hurdle or two…and yes they can be bumpy at times!

They are the lessons we are here to learn from, to undertake, so we do not carry them into the next lifetime with us.

Learn from these lessons, grow from them. They may include leaving , moving to a new town or city, or leaving a family and moving far away from them. They are  not to look at in complete sadness,.. but as an ending to a new beginning.

  • Things happen,
  • Things change.
  • People change..
  • Time to move on.
  • Jump over these little hurdles,
  • Make your changes today..
  • Run with it..
  • Jump with it..
  • Play with it.
  • Be happy and joyful for all you are learning.
  • Every day is a learning experiance.

Embrace it..and love this new day…!

Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer

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