My Awakening Journal - White Eagle

For the past 10 years every time I would pick up a book to read a message would come through me telling me to ”read your own book”! I went ahead and read other books, however, this message would continually arrive, READ YOUR OWN BOOK, READ YOUR OWN BOOK.

Since I have written and published “My Awakening Journal, A Journey to Enlightenment”, this message no longer appears in the same way! It sure is nice to have the messages from my book and recognize that every person I meet also has their own messages!

To get your copy of “My Awakening Journal, A Journey to Enlightenment”, go to,  Barnes and Noble, or Author House.

This book  may become your guide to READING YOUR OWN BOOK and publishing it.

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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