~When you look into the mirror…of the face of yourself… as a child.. let go of all the hurts, pains, and anguishes, of your childhood. Let it go..and release it. For you acknowledge it…you have reviewed it over and over again in your life.   Now let it go.

  • It is of NO service to you any longer.
  • It doesn’t define YOU.
  • It doesn’t make you who you are.

It’s a time in your life, that you had to learn. But you need not carry it with you through  your entire  life. You learned from it, and grew from it. Time to move on from it now. Look into your eyes today, and see the child within you telling you to move on and  let these feelings come out. Release any fears you have about your time, in the past, present, and future. Release and set them free. ……YOU are FREE today, to move on from those experiences….See the beauty in your eyes, let the wonder and awe… come forth today…..Release, what is  no longer of  service to you…..

Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer

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