• Stand proud…
  • Stand strong….
  • Stand your ground….
  • Stay true to YOU!!

Only you know whats good for you. Don’t let anyone take your power away. For once they do, they have control over YOU. Take this stand today…To take YOUR POWER back. Be true to WHO YOU ARE. A shinning light, we see so bright!! You are confident, you are honest, you are loyal!

We see this, you know this to be true ,in your heart, what others say doesn’t matter.

All that matters if you truly feel and know this. don’t let others break you down. for when they do, the are taking your light.

Hold your head high today, stand straight, and tall, in knowing… YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE!!!! Your wise beyond your years, with knowledge that is is surmountable. You can do this. Take this stand today. You are going to feel 100 times better once you do!

You are going to feel like, the person you always knew you could be. Shine your light today, for all to see…….~

~Message from Our Divine Heavenly World~
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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