Forgiving someone for what it is that they have done to you is not a truth. The only truth that exists within the word fore giving is to do exactly that. Thank them for giving you what it is that you needed to receive in order to move within yourself to examine how you were not in touch with the inside of your own personal being.

You are all protected when you are in a place of innocence, for it is from this innocence that your personal wisdom can be found. It has become a politeness and something totally impossible for humans today, to forgive those who have harmed them. How can you possibly forget from your brain trained state of mind what someone has done to you which has hurt you to the core of what you believe your being is. Today this seems to be  impossible, because you will always remember in your brain what it is that harmed you and you will set out some form of a protective shield against it ever happening again in your lifetime on earth.

It is this concept which creates humans to be in a state where they are walking through life living without innocence, only because we are told to forgive someone, that we believe in order to forgive them that we must do so.

Remember now dear ones to thank them for giving you all that is necessary to live your life in health, happiness and harmony with all that is!

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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