The word trust is a word, which again is used by all of you who inhabit the earth as a blanket word for acceptance through social conditioning.

This word creates much difficulty in the world today because it is registered outside of your being rather than coming from your inside out. What does trust mean to you?

In asking human beings that question you will find that the responses from each human being vary,

  • trust to one person may mean co-dependency in some area of their life,
  • to another it may mean something to stay removed from, because they have placed their trust in another human being and have felt betrayed, used, manipulated, hurt or compromised.

The word trust when it is registered in the mind, applies only to your own personal ability to know who you are, what is your purpose and be aware of who you are from the inside out. Some of the greatest problems that come to being in the world deal with the word trust. Family systems are breaking down, organizational structures are failing, school systems are floundering, all around the word trust and the lack of understanding of what it means to every human being on the earth. Do you trust your partner, family, friends, the systems that support you, and most importantly do you trust yourself and if so what does that mean to you? In order to understand the word trust it can be broken down into a simpler word, which is reliability. What can you rely on you to do, what can you rely on others in your life to do.

When the word trust is broken down by the brain into the simpler steps of knowing what you can rely on you and others to do it is easier for the brain, the mind, and the body to work in harmony to achieve peace within you, your relationships and your world.

Peace, love, light and blessings

“White Eagle”

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