~The tears fall down your cheeks like raindrops on the streets….you sit quietly thinking no one is looking or listening, you think you can not be heard will not be seen but sweet dear one, we are there, we are with you we see you crying, and wishing you were not all alone, that someone would understand you, that someone would come, like your Prince Charming and rescue you from all of this!

Your heart has been broken into a million pieces, you don’t know where to begin to put these pieces together. You wonder if, you just left this earth plane to be with him/her again, you wouldn’t be so sad any longer. You wonder how you can get the strength up, to even go to work brush your teeth, get your kids ready for school. You have fallen so far down, you don’t think you’ll even be able to pick yourself up again. You wonder if you just were to leave here, everything would be better, you would be able to get away from all this hurt and pain you are going through.

Our dear children, we need for you to know,things would not be any better for those left here, things would not be better , Your children would be left without any parent at all. Your friends and family would then be suffering the same ….Please call upon us, surrender your life to to those who know….Creator/God, Yes, there will be days still of sadness, but you must carry on, don’t give in to the dark thoughts, dark feelings….carry on dear one carry on….

Your Loving Guides..♥
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer

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