~Sometimes we dont know why..or understand… why our precious loved ones have to leave us so soon. Only God knows why!~

You do need to know and understand…they are with us, every waking, step of our days.

Our little loved ones, who we lost so early, that didnt get a chance, as we perceive it. They were needed in Heaven, for their journeys were done. They have come into our lives for even a moment, for a reason, to learn something. Sometimes we don’t understand that lesson until years down the road. Yet there is always a reason.  Then we can sit and we struggle and hurt as our loved ones, start to leave this physical plane.

Their bodies are still here, but not their minds. It hurts to see them sitting there recalling some horrible past issues. All we can do is sit and hold their hands, and hug them, and say it will be okay. You don’t need to be scared any longer.

Then there are those, that strugggle with pain, day after day, wondering, why must I hurt like this, why must they be in pain like this.

This is all so difficult to undertsand at times, so difficult to cope with. God, doesn’t wish nor want anyone to hurt but before we were born, we made a contract with ourselves to go through what we go through. eve if its a very short period time. Our loved ones never leave us. They stand beside us:

  • Look for the feathers, that seem to be just placed right there.
  • The pennies from heaven that we see on our path.
  • The sparkles of light, out of the corners of our eyes.
  • The brushes sweet soft brushes against our cheeks.

When we loose our loved ones, ever so tiny, we wonder why God had to take them, they had so mush to live for yet. Their lives had just begun. God needed another Angel up there, God knew you needed them every waking moment of your day. God gave you an angel to look up in the sky, and see the star shining brightly down, knowing that is her/him. shining brightly down upon you. As the holiday, Christmas time approaches you are and will feel great sadness, for those that are gone, just know, they are with you…….thee will never leave your side…..

Your Angels♥
Pam Forseth- Spiritual Healer♥

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