So much emphasis ,today, is placed on material reality, and this material reality becomes the doorway for human beings to go into to explore what the material reality is all about, however, there has never been a human to leave earth plane with their material reality.

You leave the plane with your personal reality and the beauty, which is created from within yourself. When you reach a doorway where your access is being denied, it only means that your life lessons are not in tact, and that you may need to explore other doorways to find what it is that you are truly seeking.

“As I was channelling this message I received a telephone call from a friend who had lost his briefcase with all of his work in it. He was very upset, because he viewed his work as his source of being in the world today. After reading this information to him he was able to visualize leaving the earth plane with his briefcase in his hand, we burst into gales of laughter. To have this lesson put into this picture was truly a life lesson. After our laughter, it was evident that we are our own personal briefcase. The creations in our briefcase come from the inside, not from the outside as we had initially believed it to be. The material reality is within oneself, we are all a wealth of knowledge and what better material is there than being human, carrying all that you are inside of yourself”.

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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