The human being has an intuitive means of knowing what is happening in the world around them. This intuitive part of oneself is your ability to sense what is happening on the earth plane and it is not something human beings consciously connect with often. The natural flow of consciousness from the mind to your inner sense of being becomes a radiant energy, which flows into all that is from you to all that is around you. Intuition is sense and sense is simply a process which is a natural way of connecting the body and the brain through feeling and emotion, through the mind to your inner being which houses your spirit (soul). This understanding will assist you to expand your conscious abilities into the true knowing which exists in every moment.

It is this inner sense that keeps you in touch with reality and in the now inside of you.. Inner sense is knowing what you know, and having the ability to recognize that this sense, which comes from your inner being, is you. When you ask a question of you, your sense will guide you, through your body (brain) and mind to your inner sense of being, to your inner being to those who have gone before you who are you. Your brain, body, feelings, emotions, and mind lead you to the precious gift of inner sense, which is within each of the precious humans who walk earth plane today. Many because of the fear, which arises from the feelings, and emotions, which are not understood from within, have shut off inner sense. It is important at this time to understand feelings, emotions and inner sense and to recognize that inner sense is a direct access to your inner being. This sense comes to you through your feelings and emotions and mind. Inner sense leads you to you!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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