On this earth walk, the Ancestors have led me to discover a way of life, called shamanism.

This way considers how you live to be more important than what you do. Though I was not raised to believe in this, I have come to know that this way of life is for me. In this world that seems so familiar to me, everything that exists is alive, has a spirit and a voice. There is a field of energy that connects us to ALL of life… divinity is found in being aware of and Being a part of this interconnection and Oneness… it is this relationship to all things, the Old Ones considered sacred… Every creation is worthy of respect. From the tiniest creature to the largest mammal… We are part of mother earth and not above it… We are but one part of the web of life…
My spiritual journey has been colorful one indeed. Coyote medicine has been with me since a very young age… While I was taught to pray in pews, Creator spoke to me through nature… While I learned to worship the different saints, the animal spirit guides and totems waited and whispered in my dreams… While I was taught to pray with beads, the sweetgrass that would one day carry my prayers to Creator was growing near our meadow, effortlessly… While I was taught to worship a God above, I came to know and love the sacred source within. Interestingly, everything I was taught helped me to gain a greater and deeper appreciation for what I have come to know… isn’t it interesting how every single thing we learn in life is never lost or for nothing … no matter how we learn it…. To all who have taught me about Spirit, on my sacred journey…. With a humble heart, I give thanks…
All My Relations

– Hiy Hiy


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