I have always been a very caring person who enjoys sharing myself (Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually) with others in my life!

One of the things that I have learned is that it is OK to say no to sharing when it places me in jeopardy of burning out in any area.  To provide me with some assistance with the whole idea of drawing my line between sharing and setting boundaries, I went within to check with the channel and here is what surfaced:

Dear one, you have spent your whole life in service to others, and when you have placed everyone else before you at all times what is it that happens to you?  You always need to remember that there is no line or boundary between yourself and others that you do not place there yoursef.  Boundaries are set for self care, and once again in your situation the boundaries that you set need to be in line with you first taking care of yourself and in return you will be taking care of others.  If there is no you to take care of yourself there will certainly not be a you to share with and care for others.

  • Life, dear one, is once again about the balance that you need to achieve in all areas of your life.  If you are helping others mentally, are you helping and caring for yourself mentally as well?
  • When you are physically challenged, tired, run down and stressed out, can your physical being care for others at that time, or is that a time where you need to set boundaries for yourself that will in fact relay forward to others who are coming forth in your life?
  • Emotionally, do you need to take care of understanding first where you are at with emotional well being and feelings?  When you do this you will know the boundaries to set with others coming forth with their emotional turmoils and you will be able to choose to set boundaries that are fitting for you to set in that moment.
  • Spiritually, as you believe in you, creator, and all that abounds in your life for you, the clarity and understanding for you will become your boundary, and you will also allow all others to have their boundaries and understandings on a spiritual level and you will all come together as one, knowing the uniqueness of all.

Do you need to draw a line between sharing and setting boundaries?

In the recognition of you being you, and others being themselves, radiating all of that to everyone one you meet and encounter on your life journey, there is a natural boundary that is set in never wanting to change anyone into the likeness of you or anyone else that is on this life journey.

Self care, balance and understanding the uniqueness of all is the line in both sharing and setting boundaries!

Peace, love, light and blessings!

“White Eagle”

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